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basic electrical engineering

Click to view -Chapter 6:Transformer Principles

efficiency vs full load graph

Click to view -Chapter 2:Network Analysis And Network theorems

voltage vs current

Click to view -chapter 1:Introduction to Electrical Engineering

force between charges

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chapter 1:Introduction to Electrical Engineering Download
Chapter 2:Network Analysis And Network theorems Download
Chapter 3:Magnetic Circuits Download
Chapter 4:Alternating Quantitites Download
Chapter 5:Three Phase Systems Download
Chapter 6:Transformer Principles Download
Chapter 7:Synchronous Machines Download
Chapter 8:Induction Motors Download
Chapter 9:Direct Current Machines Download
Chapter 11:Basic Analogue Instruments Download

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Author:    nagsarkar and sukhija
Publisher:    Oxford university and press, New Delhi
ISBN:    978-0-19-569142-9
Contributor:    Namratha Reddy
Institute/Organization:    Stanley college of engineering and technology for women
Department/Designation:    computer science engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    basic electrical engineering