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Electric Machines

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Chapters Download Links
Chapter01:Magnetics Electromagnetic Forces Generated Voltage and Energy Conversion Download
Chapter02:Transformer Principles Download
Chapter03:Transformer Connections Operation and Specialty Trans- formers Download
Chapter04:Principles of Three Phase Induction Motors Download
Chapter05:Classi cation Performance Applications and Operation of Three Phase Induction Machines Download
Chapter06:Single Phase Induction Motors Download
Chapter07:Speciality Machines Download
Chapter08:Synchronous Motors Download
Chapter09:Synchronous Generators Download
Chapter10:Principles of Direct Current Machines Download
Chapter11:Direct Current Motor Characteristics and Applications Download
Chapter12:Direct Current Generator Characteristics and Operation Download

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Author:    C. I. Hubert
Publisher:    Pearson, India
ISBN:    978-81-317-0802-6
Contributor:    Vidya Sri
Institute/Organization:    RVR and JC College Of Engineering
Department/Designation:    Electronics Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Electric Machines