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Principles of Physics

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To find Angular Acceleration

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Amount of water released

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Angle at which line appears

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Chapter01:Vectors and their use Download
Chapter02:Static Equilibrium Download
Chapter03:Uniform accelerated motion Download
Chapter04:Newtons law Download
Chapter05:Work and energy Download
Chapter06:Linear Momentum Download
Chapter07:Motion in a circle Download
Chapter08:Rotational work energy and momentum Download
Chapter09:Mechanical Properties of Matter Download
Chapter10: Gases and the Kinetic Theory Download
Chapter11:Thermal Properties of Matter Download
Chapter12:Thermodynamics Download
Chapter13:Vibration and waves Download
Chapter14:Sound Download
Chapter15:Electric Forces and Fields Download
Chapter16:Electric Potential Download
Chapter17:DC Circuits Download
Chapter18:Magnetism Download
Chapter19:Electromagnetic Induction Download
Chapter20:Alternating Currents and electronics Download
Chapter21:Electromagnetic waves Download
Chapter22:The properties of Light Download
Chapter23:Optical Devices Download
Chapter24:Interference and Diffraction Download
Chapter25:Three revolutionary concepts Download
Chapter26:Energy levels and spectra Download
Chapter27:The atomic nucleus Download

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