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Physical Chemistry

Click to view -Chapter2 Gases

The pressure is calculated using different methods

Click to view -Chapter5 Second and Third Law of Thermodynamics

Change in entropy is calculated

Click to view -Chapter8 Properties of Dilute Solutions

Molal boiling point constant is calculated

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Chapter23 Kinetics PhotoChemistry Radiation Download
Chapter24 Nuclear Chemistry Download
Chapter22 Crystals Download
Chapter21 Surface Chemistry Download
Chapter2 Gases Download
Chapter3 First Law of Thermodynamics Download
Chapter4 Thermochemistry Download
Chapter5 Second and Third Law of Thermodynamics Download
Chapter6 One Component Systems Download
Chapter7 Solutions Download
Chapter8 Properties of Dilute Solutions Download
Chapter9 Chemical Equilibria Download
Chapter11 KineticTheory Download
Chapter12 Chemical Kinetics Download
Chapter13 Irreversible Process In Liquids Download
Chapter14 Electromotive Force Download
Chapter15 Ionic Equilibria Download
Chapter16 Quantum Theory Download
Chapter18 Spectroscopy Download
Chapter19 Statistical Mechanics Download
Chapter20 Macromolecules Download

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Publisher:    McGraw-Hill College
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Contributor:    Meena Chandrupatla
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