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Applied Physics

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To calculate the bond energy of molecule

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To calculate the free volume per unit cell

Click to view -Chapter 3: Crystal Planes,X-ray Diffraction and Defects in Solids

To calculate the glancing angle

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1: Bonding in Solids Download
Chapter 2: Crystal Structures Download
Chapter 3: Crystal Planes,X-ray Diffraction and Defects in Solids Download
Chapter 4: Elements of Statistical Mechanics and Principles of Quantum Mechanics Download
Chapter 5: Electron Theory of Metals Download
Chapter 6: Dielectric Properties Download
Chapter 7: Magnetic Properties Download
Chapter 8: Semiconductors and Physics of Semiconductor Devices Download
Chapter 9: Superconductivity Download
Chapter 10: Lasers Download
Chapter 11: Fibre Optics Download
Chapter 13: Acoustics of Buildings and Acoustic Quieting Download

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Author:    S. Mani Naidu
Publisher:    Pearson Education, Chennai
ISBN:    9788131724958
Contributor:    Sandhya Arroju
Institute/Organization:    Kakatiya University
Department/Designation:    BA
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Applied Physics