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BSc 3rd Year Physics Paper 4

Click to view -Chapter 1: Atomic Spectra

To calculate the wavelength separation

Click to view -Chapter 2: Molecular Spectra

To calculate the raman shift and wavelength of antistokes

Click to view -Chapter 3: Inadequacy of Classical Physics

To calculate the wavelength of scattered radiation and energy of recoil electron

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 3: Inadequacy of Classical Physics Download
Chapter 4: Matter Waves Download
Chapter 5: Uncertainity Principle Download
Chapter 6: Schrodinger Wave Mechanics Download
Chapter 2: Molecular Spectra Download
Chapter 1: Atomic Spectra Download
Chapter 7: Nuclear Structure Download
Chapter 8: Alpha and Beta Decays Download
Chapter 9: Nuclear Reactions Download
Chapter 10: Nuclear Detectors Download
Chapter 11: Crystal Structure Download
Chapter 12: X-ray Diffraction Download
Chapter 13: Bonding In Crystals Download
Chapter 14: Magnetism Download
Chapter 15: Superconductivity Download

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Author:    Sanjeeva Rao, Bhikshmaiah, Ramakrishna Reddy, Ananta Ramaiah
Publisher:    Telugu Akademi, Andhra Pradesh
Contributor:    Archana Dharmasagar Kalidas
Institute/Organization:    JNTU
Department/Designation:    IT
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    BSc 3rd Year Physics Paper 4