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Applied Physics II

Click to view -Chapter 2 Diffraction of Light

Half angular width

Click to view -Chapter 1 Interference of Light

Visible range of wavelengths

Click to view -Chapter 5 Quantum Mechanics


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Chapter 1 Interference of Light Download
Chapter 2 Diffraction of Light Download
Chapter 3 Fibre Optics Download
Chapter 4 Lasers Download
Chapter 5 Quantum Mechanics Download
Chapter 6 Motion of Charged Particles in Electric & Magnetic fields Download
Chapter 7 Superconductivity Download

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Author:    H. J. Sawant
Publisher:    Technical Publications
ISBN:    978-93-5038-883-9
Contributor:    Muktesh Chaudhary
Institute/Organization:    Anglo Eastern ship management india Pvt. Ltd
Department/Designation:    Electrical & Electronics Officer
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Applied Physics II