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Elements Of Mass Transfer (Part 1)

Click to view -Chapter 6 Drying

Time for drying the wet slab on wet basis

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Temperature Enthalpy Plot

Click to view -Chapter 5 Humidification

Make up water calculation

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Chapter 2 Diffusion Download
Chapter 3 Mass transfer coefficient and interphase mass transfer Download
Chapter 5 Humidification Download
Chapter 6 Drying Download
Chapter 7 Crystallisation Download

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Author:    N. Anantharaman & K. M. M. S. Begum
Publisher:    Prentice - Hall Of India, New Delhi
ISBN:    8120327284
Contributor:    Ashutosh Kumar
Institute/Organization:    Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, CHAR Lab 2
Department/Designation:    Electrical Department
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Elements Of Mass Transfer (Part 1)