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Basic Fluid Mechanics

Click to view -Chapter 12 TURBOMACHINES

Actual Perfomance Curve

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Streamlinedbody Curve

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Variations of Ep Eh and Ep+Eh with T

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 2 Similarity Download
Chapter 3 Dimensional Analaysis Download
Chapter 5 Control Volume Analysis Download
Chapter 6 Steady one dimensional reversible flow Download
Chapter 7 Steady one dimensional Irreversible flow Download
Chapter 8 analysis of dimensional constant density laminar flow Download
Chapter 9 analysis of dimensional constant density turbulent flowFurther Devolopments Download
Chapter 10 External flows Download
Chapter 11 elementary analysis Download
Chapter 12 TURBOMACHINES Download
Chapter 13 Hydraulic power transmission Download
Chapter 14 Further Devolopments Download

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