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Applied Physics

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To determine the decrease of volume during conversion from BCC to FCC

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To calculate the volume of the unit cell and density of Zinc

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To calculate the distance between two adjacent atoms

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11. Fibre Optics and Holography Download
10. Lasers Download
8. Semiconductors Download
9. Superconductivity Download
7. Magnetic Properties Download
6. Dielectric Properties Download
3. Principles of Quantum Mechanics Download
4. Electron Theory of Metals Download
2. Crystal Structures and X-ray Diffraction Download
1. Bonding in Solids Download

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Author:    P. K. Palanisamy
Publisher:    Scitech Publications, India
ISBN:    9788183710985
Contributor:    SINDHU ARROJU
Institute/Organization:    JNTUH
Department/Designation:    Computer Science
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Applied Physics