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Engineering Economics

Click to view -Chapter 07: Rate of Return Method

Present worth

Click to view -Chapter 09: Depreciation

Depriation and Book value

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Economic order and Time

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Chapter 01: Introduction Download
Chapter 02: Elementary Economic Analysis Download
Chapter 03: Interest Formulas and their Applications Download
Chapter 04: Present Worth Method of Comparison Download
Chapter 05: Future Worth Method Download
Chapter 06: Annual Equivalent Method Download
Chapter 07: Rate of Return Method Download
Chapter 08: Replacement and Maintenance Analysis Download
Chapter 09: Depreciation Download
Chapter 10: Evaluation of Public Alternatives Download
Chapter 11: Inflation Adjusted Decisions Download
Chapter 12: Inventory Control Download
Chapter 13: Make or Buy Decision Download
Chapter 16: Linear Programming Download

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Author:    R. Panneerselvam
Publisher:    Phi Learning, Delhi
ISBN:    978-81-203-1743-7
Contributor:    Tarun Kumar Das
Institute/Organization:    College of Engineering
Department/Designation:    Industrial Engineering
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Engineering Economics