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Principles of physics

Click to view -chapter1.ipynb Motion

Radial Acceleration

Click to view -chapter13.ipynb Alternating current circuits

Potential difference

Click to view -chapter4.ipynb Rotational motion of rigid objects

Period of oscillation

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chapter1.ipynb Motion Download
chapter2.ipynb Work, Energy and Power Download
chapter3.ipynb Potential energy Download
chapter4.ipynb Rotational motion of rigid objects Download
chapeter5.ipynb Properties of matter Download
chapter6.ipynb Real gas and transport processes in gas Download
chapter7.ipynb Thin lens, coaxial systems and aberrations Download
chapter9.ipynb Interference Download
chapter10.ipynb Diffraction Download
chapter11.ipynb Polarization Download
chapter12.ipynb Direct current circuits Download
chapter13.ipynb Alternating current circuits Download
chapter15.ipynb Motion of a charged particle Download
chapter16.ipynb Electrons, ions, isotopes and nucleus Download
chapter17.ipynb Quantum theory Download

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