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Linear Integrated Circuits

Click to view -Chapter 6 Voltage Regulators

Design of voltage regulators

Click to view -Chapter 2 Operational Amplifier

Design differentaitors using op-amp

Click to view -Chapter 7 Active Filter

Design filters using op-amp

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 2 Operational Amplifier Download
Chapter 3 Operational Amplifier Characteristics Download
Chapter 4 Operational Amplifier Applications Download
Chapter 5 Comparators and Waveform Generators Download
Chapter 6 Voltage Regulators Download
Chapter 7 Active Filter Download
Chapter 8 555 Timer Download
Chapter 10 D-A and A-D Converters Download

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Author:    D.Roy Choudhury, Shail B. Jain
Publisher:    New age international publishers,New Delhi
ISBN:    9788122430981
Contributor:    Aswin Venu
Institute/Organization:    Pavai College of technology
Department/Designation:    ECE
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Linear Integrated Circuits