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Optical Fiber Communication

Click to view -Chapter 3: Optical Fiber Fabrication

Example 3.1 Determining the core radius of optical fiber

Click to view -Chapter 5: Optical Sources Laser

Example 5.1 Finding the parameters of laser source

Click to view -Chapter7: Optical detectors

Example 7.1 Calculating the losses

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Chapter 4: Transmission Characteristics of Optical fibers Download
Chapter 5: Optical Sources Laser Download
Chapter 6: Optical Sources LEDs Download
Chapter7: Optical detectors Download
Chapter 8: Optical fiber Communication System Download
Chapter 9: Optical Fiber System - I Download
Chapter 10 : Optical Fiber System - II Download
Chapter 3: Optical Fiber Fabrication Download
Chapter 2: Optical Fiber Download

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Author:    R. R. Dudeja
Publisher:    Umesh Publications, NewDelhi
ISBN:    81-88114-39-1
Contributor:    Ratna Kamma
Institute/Organization:    IIIT Nuzvid
Department/Designation:    Electronics and Communication
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Optical Fiber Communication