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Fundamental of Electronics Devices

Click to view -Chapter 2 Energy Bands and Charge Carriers in Semiconductors

Energy Bands

Click to view -Chapter 7 Field Effect Transistor

Transfer Characteristics

Click to view -Chapter 8 Photonic Devices

Steady State

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Semiconductor Materials and Crystal Properties Download
Chapter 2 Energy Bands and Charge Carriers in Semiconductors Download
Chapter 3 Excess Carriers in Semiconductor Download
Chapter 4 Junction properties Download
Chapter 5 Junction properties (continued) Download
Chapter 6 Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) Download
Chapter 7 Field Effect Transistor Download
Chapter 8 Photonic Devices Download

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Author:    JB Gupta
Publisher:    Katariya & Sons, New Delhi
ISBN:    9380027745, 9789380027746
Contributor:    Rahul Garg
Institute/Organization:    Gurgaon College of Engineering, MDU Rohtak
Department/Designation:    Electronics Engineering
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Fundamental of Electronics Devices