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Process Heat Transfer

Click to view - Chapter 17 Direct Contact Transfer Cooling Tower

Weighted Efficiency Curve

Click to view -Chapter 16 Extented Surfaces

Graph to represent number of diffusing units

Click to view -Chapter 15 Vaporizers Evapourators and Reboilers

Calculation of steam density

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 2 Conduction Download
Chapter 4 Radiation Download
Chapter 5 Temperature Download
Chapter 6 Counterflow Double Pipe Exchangers Download
Chapter 7 Parallel-Counter flow Shell and Tube Exchangers Download
Chapter 8 flow arrangements for increased heat recovery Download
Chapter 9 Gases Download
Chapter 10 Stream Line Flow and Heat Convection Download
Chapter 11 Calculations for Process Heat Conditions Download
Chapter 12 Condensation of Single Vapours Download
Chapter 14 Evapouration Download
Chapter 15 Vaporizers Evapourators and Reboilers Download
Chapter 16 Extented Surfaces Download
Chapter 17 Direct Contact Transfer Cooling Tower Download
Chapter 18 Batch and Unsteady State Processes Download
Chapter 19 Furnace Calculations Download
Chapter 20 Additoinal Applications Download

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Author:    D. Q. Kern
Publisher:    Tata McGraw-Hill, NY
ISBN:    0-07-085353-3
Contributor:    kota Dinesh Babu
Institute/Organization:    K L university
Department/Designation:    Mechanical Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Process Heat Transfer