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Non Conventional Energy Resources

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Useful average temp

Click to view -Chapter09:Geothermal Energy

Heat content

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final amount after 10 years

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Chapter01:Fundamental of Energy Science and Technology Download
Chapter02:Energy Conservation Download
Chapter04:Solar Energy Basics Download
Chapter06:Solar Photovoltaic Systems Download
Chapter07:Wind Energy Download
Chapter08:Biomass Energy Download
Chapter09:Geothermal Energy Download
Chapter10:Ocean Energy Download
Chapter11:Small Hydro Resources Download
Chapter12:Emerging Technologies Download
Chapter13:Miscellaneous Non conventional Technologies Download
Chapter14:Financial and Economic Evaluation Download

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Author:    B.H.Khan
Publisher:    TMH.
ISBN:    9780070142763
Contributor:    Ashish Vimal
Institute/Organization:    Abes Engineering college, Ghaziabad
Department/Designation:    Mechanical
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Non Conventional Energy Resources