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Antenna and Wave Propagation

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Design Values

Chapters Download Links
Chapter01, Review of Electromagnetics and Transmission Lines Download
Chapter03, Fundamental Parameters of Antenna Download
Chapter04, Linear Wire Antennas Download
Chapter06, Antenna Arrays Download
Chapter07, Loop Antenna Download
Chapter08, Slot Antenna Download
Chapter09, Horn Antenna Download
Chapter10, Broadband & Frequency Independent Antenna Download
Chapter11, Microstrip Antennas Download
Chapter12, Reflector Antennas Download
Chapter13, Antenna Measurement Download
Chapter14, ground Wave Propagation Download
Chapter15, Ionospheric Propagation Download

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Author:    S. Wali
Publisher:    Tech-max Publications, Pune
ISBN:    978-93-5077-069-6
Contributor:    Raj Kumar
Institute/Organization:    UTU
Department/Designation:    na
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Antenna and Wave Propagation