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Generation Of Electrical Energy

Click to view -Ch-2, Loads & Load Curves

Load Curve

Click to view -Ch-2, Loads & Load Curves

Load Duration and Energy Curve

Click to view -Ch-2, Loads & Load Curves

Energy Load and Mass Curve

Chapters Download Links
Ch-2, Loads & Load Curves Download
Ch-3, Power Plant Economics Download
Ch-4, Tariffs & Power Factor Improvement Download
Ch-5, Selection of Plant Download
Ch-7, Thermal Power Plants Download
Ch-8, Hydro-Electric Plants Download
Ch-9, Nuclear Power Stations Download
Ch-10, Economic Operations of Steam Plants Download
Ch-11, Hydro-Thermal Co-Ordination" Download
Ch-12, Parallel Operation of alternators Download
Ch-13, Major Electrical Equipment in Power Plant Download
Ch-14, System Interconnections Download
Ch-15, New Energy Sources Download
Ch-17, Generating Capacity Reliability Evaluation Download
Ch-20, Energy Audit Download
Ch-23, Captive Power Generation Download

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Author:    B. R. Gupta
Publisher:    S. Chand Publishing, New Delhi
ISBN:    81-219-0102-2
Contributor:    Praveen Kumar
Institute/Organization:    Growth Associates
Department/Designation:    Technical Executive
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
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