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Wireless Communications and Networking

Click to view -Chapter 3: Radio Propagation and Propagation Path-Loss Models

Comparision of Cost models

Click to view -Chapter 8: Speech Coding and Channel Coding

Multiplexing and Convolution

Click to view -Chapter 9: Modulation Schemes


Chapters Download Links
Chapter 2: Teletraffic Engineering Download
Chapter 3: Radio Propagation and Propagation Path-Loss Models Download
Chapter 4: An Overview of Digital Communication and Transmission Download
Chapter 5: Fundamentals of Cellular Communications Download
Chapter 6: Multiple Access Techniques Download
Chapter 8: Speech Coding and Channel Coding Download
Chapter 9: Modulation Schemes Download
Chapter 10: Antennas, Diversity and Link Analysis Download
Chapter 11: Spread spectrum (SS) and CDMA Systems Download
Chapter 12: Mobility Management in wireless Networks Download
Chapter 13: Security in Wireless Systems Download
Chapter 14: Mobile Network and Transport Layer Download
Chapter 17: Planning and Design of Wide-Area Wireless Networks Download
Chapter 19: Wireless Personal Area Network - Bluetooth Download
Chapter 21: Wireless Local Area Networks Download

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Author:    V. Garg
Publisher:    Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco
ISBN:    978-0-12-373580-5
Contributor:    Sachin Naik
Institute/Organization:    ITSource Technologies Ltd.
Department/Designation:    Telecom Engineer
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Wireless Communications and Networking