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Machine Design

Click to view -Ch : 3 Mechanics of solids

Stress Graph

Click to view -Ch:8 Springs

Additional Load

Click to view -Ch:11 Riveted joints

Strength of revet

Chapters Download Links
Ch : 3 Mechanics of solids Download
Ch:4 Manufacturing considerations Download
Ch:5 Introduction to pressure vessels Download
Ch:6 Levers Download
Ch:7 Struts and Columns Download
Ch:8 Springs Download
Ch:9 Threaded Fasteners Download
Ch:10 Pipes and pipe joints Download
Ch:11 Riveted joints Download
Ch:12 Welded joints Download
Ch:13 Cotter and knuckle joints Download
Ch:14 Keys and couplings Download
Ch:15 Shafts Download
Ch:16 Power screws Download
Ch:17 Sliding contact bearings Download
Ch:18 Rolling bearings Download
Ch:19 Flywheel Download
Ch:20 Flat belt drive Download
Ch:21 V belt drive Download
Ch:22 Friction clutches Download
Ch:23 Brakes Download
Ch:24 Rope drive Download
Ch:25 Gears Download
Ch:26 Helical gears Download
Ch:27 Straight bevel gears Download
Ch:28 Worm and worm wheel set Download
Ch:29 Gearbox Download
Ch:30 Chain drive Download
Ch:31 Seals packing and gaskets Download

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Author:    U.C. Jindal
Publisher:    Dorling Kindersley (India)
ISBN:    978-81-317-1659-5
Contributor:    Preeti Rani
Institute/Organization:    Techwords Institute
Department/Designation:    ME
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
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