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Basic Electronics Electronics Engineering

Click to view -Chapter-7 Transistor Amplifiers, Biasing and Thermal Stabilization

AC and DC Load Lines

Click to view -Chapter-4 Junction Diodes

VI Characteristics

Click to view -Chapter-6 Bipolar Junction Transistors

DC Load Line

Chapters Download Links
Chapter-1 Introductory Concepts Download
Chapter-2 Energy Levels and Electron Emission Download
Chapter-3 Semiconductor Physics Download
Chapter-4 Junction Diodes Download
Chapter-5 Diode Applications-DC Power Supplies and Waveshaping Circuits Download
Chapter-6 Bipolar Junction Transistors Download
Chapter-7 Transistor Amplifiers, Biasing and Thermal Stabilization Download
Chapter-8 Hybrid Parameters and Transistor Amplifiers Download
Chapter-9 Regulated Power Supplies Download
Chapter-10 Field Effect Transistors Download
Chapter-13 Operational Amplifiers (Op-Amps) Download
Chapter-14 Electronic Instruments Download
Chapter-15 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Download

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Author:    J B Gupta
Publisher:    S.K. Kataria & Sons , 4760-61/23, Ansari Road , Daryaganj Delhi - 110002
ISBN:    8188458643
Contributor:    Vinay Badhan
Institute/Organization:    Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science.
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