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Modern Physics

Click to view -Ch4-The Wave Like Properties of Particles

finding uncertainity

Click to view -Ch6-The Rutherford Bohr Model

finding average deflection

Click to view -Ch10-Statistical Physics

finding energy of sodium

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Ch1-Introduction Download
Ch2-The Special Theory of Relativity Download
Ch3-The Particle Like Properties of Electromagnetic Radiation Download
Ch4-The Wave Like Properties of Particles Download
Ch5-The Schrodinger Equation Download
Ch6-The Rutherford Bohr Model Download
Ch7-The Hydrogen Atom in Wave Mechanics Download
Ch8-Many Electron Atoms Download
Ch9-Molecular Structure Download
Ch10-Statistical Physics Download
Ch11-Solid State Physics Download
Ch12-Nuclear Structure and Reactivity Download
Ch13-Nuclear Reaction and Application Download
Ch14-Elementary Particles Download
Ch15-The General Theory of Relativity Download
Ch16-Cosmology: Origin and Fate of Universe Download

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Author:    K S Krane
Publisher:    Phi Learning, Delhi
ISBN:    978-81-265-0826-6
Contributor:    Avik Kumar Das
Institute/Organization:    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Department/Designation:    Civil Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Modern Physics