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Fundamentals Of Physical Chemistry

Click to view -Chapter2 Gases

Calculation of Volume at STP

Click to view -Chapter3 Liquids

Calculation of heat of vapourisation of benzene

Click to view -Chapter14 Determination of hydronium ion Concentrations

Calculation of error in pH

Chapters Download Links
Chapter2 Gases Download
Chapter3 Liquids Download
Chapter4 Solutions Nonelectrolytes Download
Chapter5 Solutions Osmotic Pressure Download
Chapter6 Solutions Solutions of Electrolytes Download
Chapter7 Conductivity Download
Chapter8 Chemical Equlibrium Download
Chapter9 Ionic Equilibria and Buffer Action Download
Chapter10 Electmotive Force Download
Chapter11 Thermodynamics Some Basic Concepts Download
Chapter12 Thermodynamics Thermodynamic chemistry Download
Chapter13 Thermodynamics Entropy and Free Energy Download
Chapter14 Determination of hydronium ion Concentrations Download
Chapter16 Oxidation Reduction potentials Download
Chapter17 Speed of Reaction Catalysis Download
Chapter20 Radiochemistry Download

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Author:    H. D. Crockford, Samuel B.Knight
Publisher:    John Wiley And Sons Inc.
ISBN:    9780471188131
Contributor:    Manikandan D
Institute/Organization:    Government College of Engineering,Salem
Department/Designation:    Thermal Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
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