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Principles Of Electronic Communication Systems

Click to view -Chapter17 : Satellite communication


Click to view -Chapter17 : Satellite communication

oscillator frequency

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maximum frequency

Chapters Download Links
Chapter1: Introduction to electronic communication Download
Chapter2: The fundamentals of electronics : A review Download
Chapter22: Communication tests and measurments Download
Chapter3 : Amplitude modulation fundamentals Download
Chapter4: Amplitude modulator and demodulator circuits Download
Chapter5 : Fundamental of frequency modulation Download
Chapter6: Fm circuits Download
Chapter7: Digital communication techniques Download
Chapter8 : Radio transmitter Download
Chapter9: Communication receivers Download
Chapter10: Multiplexing and demultiplexing Download
Chapter11: The transmission of binary data in communication system Download
Chapter12 : Introduction to networking and local area networks Download
Chapter13 : Transmission lines Download
Chapter14: Antennas and wave propogation Download
Chapter16 : Microwave communication Download
Chapter17 : Satellite communication Download
Chapter19: Optical communication Download

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Author:    L. E. Frenze
Publisher:    Tata McGraw - Hill Education, New Delhi
ISBN:    007-066-755-1
Contributor:    nishu mittal
Institute/Organization:    university of delhi
Department/Designation:    electronics
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Principles Of Electronic Communication Systems