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A Textbook of Applied Electronics

Click to view -chapter16 Field-Effect Transistors

Transconductance Curve

Click to view -chapter16 Field-Effect Transistors

Gate to source voltage v/s Drain current

Click to view -chapter33 Wave Shaping

Clipper Waveform

Chapters Download Links
chapter3 Electricity and Ohm's law Download
chapter4 DC Resistive Circuits Download
chapter5 Kirchhoff's Laws and Network Theorems Download
chapter6 A.C. Fundamentals Download
chapter7 Passive Circuit Elements Download
chapter9 Voltage and Current Sources Download
chapter10 Semiconductors Download
chapter12 PN Junction Diode Download
chapter13 Special Purpose Diodes and Opto-Electronic Devices Download
chapter14 Bipolar Junction Transistors Download
chapter15 BJT Characteristics Download
chapter16 Field-Effect Transistors Download
chapter17 Thyristors Download
chapter19 Rectifiers and Filters Download
chapter20 Regulated Power Supplies Download
chapter21 Controlled Rectifiers Download
chapter22 BJT Biasing and Stabilization Download
chapter23 Low and High Frequency BJT Models Download
chapter24 Single-Stage BJT Amplifiers Download
chapter25 Hybrid Parameters Download
chapter26 Multistage BJT Amplifiers Download
chapter27 Power Amplifiers Download
chapter28 Tuned Amplifiers Download
chapter29 Feedback Amplifiers Download
chapter30 Field-Effect Transistor Amplifiers Download
chapter31 Sinusoidal Oscillators Download
chapter32 Non-sinusoidal Oscillators Download
chapter33 Wave Shaping Download
chapter34 Time Base Circuits Download
chapter35 Operational Amplifiers (OP-Amps) Download
chapter36 Basic Op-Amp Applications Download

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Author:    R S Sedha
Publisher:    S Chand & Company Ltd. , Ram Nagar, New Delhi-110055
ISBN:    8121927838
Contributor:    Vinay Badhan
Institute/Organization:    Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science.
Department/Designation:    SGSITS IT/IT/Student
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    A Textbook of Applied Electronics