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Mechanics Of Fluids

Click to view -Chapter 9 Similarity and Dimensional Analysis

Chapter 9

Click to view -Chapter 14 Hydro Kinetic machines

Overall Efficiency and Unit Power Curves

Click to view -Chapter 3 The Measurment of Fluid Pressure

Calibration Of Micromanometer

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Buoyancy and Stability Download
Chapter 2 Hydrostatic forces and centres of pressure Download
Chapter 3 The Measurment of Fluid Pressure Download
Chapter 4 Bernoullis Equation and Measurment of flow of incompressible fluids Download
Chapter 5 Elements of Similarity Notches and Wires Download
Chapter 6 Equations of motion for a fluid element Download
Chapter 7 Fluid Momentum and Thrust by Reaction Download
Chapter 8 Behaviour of Ideal and Viscous Fluids Download
Chapter 9 Similarity and Dimensional Analysis Download
Chapter 10 Steady Flow in Pipes and Channels Download
Chapter 11 Fluid and Power Transmission through Pipe lines Download
Chapter 12 Compressibility Effects in FLuids Download
Chapter 13 Varying Flow in Open Channels Download
Chapter 14 Hydro Kinetic machines Download
Chapter 15 Positive displacement Machines Download

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